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Hogwash Farm Is Moving!!

September 8, 2011

They say that the only constant is change, and Hogwash has some change in its future. While we have enjoyed our time on Kerwin Hill, we are excited about our upcoming move to a different farm in Norwich. We will be relocating to Goodrich Four Corners Road and Union Village Road (land formerly farmed by Suzanne Lupien).

There are wonderful fields for the cattle and sheep to graze and some neglected fields for the pigs to renovate. Since our flocks and herds need to fit the new landscape we will be increasing our flock of Jacob sheep and reducing the numbers of our breeding pigs. Our goal is to have more time to focus on good grazing practices while tuning up general farm operations. We will still endeavor to produce a high quality product that is sustainably raised. The transition should be smooth since we are only moving a few miles away. We will start moving animals to the new spot in the coming weeks with the goal to be moved in by October.

We are certainly going to miss our Union Village neighborhood, but we are looking forward to being part of the Root District community. The Root District Creamery became a local hub for the community during Suzanne’s tenure and we are hoping the same will be true when Hogwash has settled in. We value and need the support of the community to keep the farm active and vibrant.

The farm has been part of Norwich history for some time. The original barn dates back to 1786 –making the homestead one of the oldest in Norwich. We will do our best to respect the history while gearing it up to a working farm again.

The September pick up will be the last CSA pick up at Kerwin Hill. The fall quarter will start with the new farm location – I’ll make sure to highlight the venue change in next months newsletter. We will be having our Pig Roast September 11th on Kerwin Hill so everyone can come and enjoy the farm and the animals before the big move. We hope to see everyone there! Nancy & Dave

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