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December Update

December 6, 2012

(Posted on behalf of Nancy & Dave)


This month’s Hogwash newsletter comes to you from Dave, in order to help cut down Nancy’s keyboard time.

Nancy devotes pretty much all daylight and quite a bit of the rest to Hogwash- whether in the field, barn, or office. Changes this year have placed even more demand on her, but with the help of very capable Leslie, the work was shared. I helped when possible, but my day job as a mechanic (at Cedar Circle Farm) took me out of the daily loop here.

If you experienced our Thanksgiving turkey pickup, you might have an idea of how much effort is needed behind the scenes. Winter is mildly calmer but brings a different set of issues. Water must be carried to bowls because hoses do not work. Grazing is not an option, so hay is fed, and barnyards are crowded. Cold weather demands more bedding for the animals. Snow (when it happens) buries electric fence wires, requiring close maintenance. If the precip is liquid, flooding and mud are problems (note: I love summer…).

So, the newsletter isn’t filled with news, just a note to say “all is well” but it’s time to take a breath; and also to thank everyone for their continued support.

Dave (& Nancy!)

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